Burj Khalifa ‘At the Top’

Burj Khalifa ‘At the Top’

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A Dubai holiday: The world’s highest building is unmissable, its pinnacle towering far above Dubai’s conglomeration of skyscrapers. 


Experiencing the heights of the Burj Khalifa: Standing on the upper floors of the world’s highest building is one of Dubai’s most unmissable experiences. There’s three different ticket options, all of which start with standing at the Burj Khalifa base and getting a little dizzy as you rock your head back and gaze towards the summit. With At the Top you hurtle skywards in the world’s fastest elevator and savour the views from the 124th floor. Walk around and enjoy the 360-degree panoramas before returning to ground level. Late afternoon is the premium time to visit, as you get to see Dubai in the day and then Dubai painted by the colours of sunset. Stick around to watch the city lights turn on and you essentially enjoy three different views in one At the Top visit. This popular time comes at a premium price with the At The Top Prime Hours ticket.

But if you’re in the world’s highest building, you’ll probably want to go as high as you can possibly can. That’s the At The Top SKY Ticket, taking you to the 148th floor and a record-breaking 555 meters (1,823 feet) above the ground. Unsurprisingly, this is the world’s highest viewing platform, bringing a fame that more than compensates for the additional cost. With our SKY tickets you can visit during prime hours and explore the views from viewing platforms at floors 124 and 148.

How to get there: The Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s unmissable compass, so you won’t need to ask for directions. Just look for the world’s highest building. You can reach this Dubai landmark by taxi or by the Dubai Metro Red Line, which stops at Burk Khalifa Metro Station.

Weather and when to go: Accelerating to the summit of the world’s highest building can be done any day of the year. The outdoor viewing platforms can get very hot during the summer months but you’re never more than a few steps away from the air-conditioned interior.

Activities: City tour, iconic landmarks, sightseeing.

Customise the experience: The Burj Khalifa isn’t the only unmissable Dubai attraction. Enhance a journey To The Top with a tailored city tour that reveals the city from your preconceptions.

Also consider: For the ultimate view of the city, nothing quite rivals a seaplane tour. The advantage of a Dubai air tour is that you see the whole city and the Burj Khalifa in a single panorama.

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At the top – Burj Khalifa