Dubai is an iconic desert oasis, a beacon of futuristic vision in the heart of Arabia. Remarkable contrasts occupy the city, helping to create a unique blend of world-famous attractions and unique experiences. It’s a city that everyone should see and experience, one completely different from the rest of the world. It’s the ultimate Stopover destination. Dubai never disappoints. Some of the world’s tallest buildings glisten beneath the desert sun. A majestic coastline reveals unique artificial islands and sublime five-star resorts, like those on the Palm Jumeirah. Arabian heritage is still strong, with forts and historical landmarks found around Dubai Creek. Everything is wrapped in Dubai’s vision, one of innovation, luxury, and creating something new. This is one of the world’s most unique holiday destinations, a place that must be seen to be believed. Which is why a Dubai Stopover is so inspiring. Even with just a few hours one can discover the essence of Dubai and find out why it’s become such a revered destination.

One-Night Dubai Stopover Package (24 Hr)

Overnight stopovers are usually tedious, with mundane airport hotels and too many hours of waiting.
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Dubai Stopover: The Best of Dubai (12hrs)

Dubai is a city of surprises, a place where you find inspiring Arabic history behind a facade of iconic skyscrapers.
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Dubai Stopover: Highlights of Dubai (8hrs)

A Dubai International stopover doesn’t need to be about laborious hours waiting in the departure lounge for an onward connection.
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