The Armani and Burj Khalifa Experience

The world’s tallest building is an integral part of almost any Dubai holiday itinerary. Especially for first timers to the city, it’s hard to imagine not savouring the views from its upper floors. However, most visit the Burj Khalifa, take their photos and leave. Dining at the Armani Hotel offers a more immersive experience, allowing you to appreciate the luxurious views and the opulent interiors. Accelerating to the top is just half the Burj Khalifa experience. A whole world exists within the glass-fronted skyscraper.

Come back down to the Armani Hotel and savour a refined culinary experience at one of the meticulously designed venues in the designer hotel. Described as ‘A World of Timeless Elegance’, the divine array of restaurants is sure to ignite your passion for fine dining. For a genuinely unique experience, join us for an exclusive package including a three course lunch and tickets to ‘At The Top’.