Hotel Stay
Five Nights
40 Minutes

Ritz Carlton Al Bustan Palace and Private Luxury Camp

Traveling to Muscat, is as if stepping into old archeological notes and pictures of Arabian Nights. Each architectural scope of design, old and new, has been built in the region’s traditional style, with domes, arched windows and intricate mosaics around every corner. Nestled between the Hajar Mountains and the Arabian Sea, Muscat is home to the Sultan of Oman as well as some of the finest beaches in the Middle East. It would take the luxurious exquisiteness of a seaplane journey to truly grasp the magnificence and splendor of what this southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula presents in its paradisiac form. As you glide through the encompassing desert, riverbeds and long coastlines, you are sure to be time traveled through stories of the Bedouins who make for the true inhabitants of this terrain.

Your first two nights will be at the opulent Ritz Carlton Al Bustan Palace. Tucked away between the rugged Al Hajar mountain range and the Sea of Oman, Al Bustan Palace, A Ritz-Carlton Hotel is a hidden jewel amongst luxury hotels in Muscat, Oman, a beachfront retreat that welcomes guests with customs steeped in ancient traditions and contemporary comfort. From each of the luxury guestrooms, suites’ and private balconies, guests can gaze upon magnificent mountains, sea or garden views. Relax on the pristine stretch of private beach or dine on its sandy carpet under the stars, in one of their three distinctive restaurants. The palatial hotel certainly caters to all the ingredients that will stir memories for a lifetime.

As you move past lavish splendor, your next few days will have you experience a distinctive and traditional change in landscape, and in a form you would feel like you perhaps dreamt it all. Through the shades of palm trees, driving past traditional villages, Hud Hud luxury camping is a completely unique service that offers a luxurious private camping experience whilst still retaining an authentic Bedouin style. Tents can be pitched wherever the guest wishes (either desert, mountains or beach). The Hud Hud’s handmade Bedouin tents, contains double beds with real mattresses, offering the kind of comfort that will smooth the freckles and rejuvenate the soul like a potion of elixir.


  •  5 nights accommodation (2 in Muscat / 3 in Hajar Mountains)
  • Private Charters from Dubai to Muscat and from Al Ain to Dubai
  • Road transfers in Muscat, from Muscat to Hajar mountains and from Hajar mountains to Al Ain

Additional information

Hotel NameRitz Carlton Al Bustan Palace
Room TypeDeluxe Sea View Room