Private Discovery Tour Dubai

Glimpse Dubai from a distance and it’s the futuristic wonder that holds you captive. There’s the Burj Khalifa standing proud, dozens of shimmering skyscrapers, and a sense that anything is possible. But beneath the glass-fronted wonder there’s another side to this historic city.

Along Dubai Creek you can discover the past, like traditional souks and rustic passenger boats. Amongst the city bustle you can witness where the old and the new blur together. Impressions of Dubai can quickly change, especially when you experience how the city has far more nuances than the iconic image of skyscrapers.

This private tour has been carefully tailored to showcase both the old-world atmosphere and futuristic vision of Dubai. You visit many of the most famous attractions, skipping between the centuries and checking out how styles have blended together.

History is centred around the Dubai Creek area and the traditional Abra boat crossing is always a Dubai holiday highlight. Exploring the souks offers an uninterrupted impression of trading from centuries past, while the Al Fahidi Fort reflects the classic architecture of Arabia.

Later in the tour you tick off the world-renowned impressions of the future: the Burj Khalifa (where you have coffee at the Armani Hotel), the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Mall.