Private Art & Culture Tour Dubai

Art and design is an integral piece of Dubai’s heritage, showcased by elegant courtyard design, traditional paintings, and galleries that celebrate the past. Classical Arabian styles are on display across the city, although you need a local guide as many of the old treasures are hidden behind Dubai’s modern facade.

City artisans also look forward, crafting a new generation of Arabian art that blurs the boundary into the surreal. On this air-conditioned tour there’s three contrasting stops. The Courtyard presents a timeless picture of Arabian style, both architecturally and in the intricate details dappled across the walls.

Gate Village is the city’s hip and chic urban hub, a place for new artists to come together and new designs to be presented to the world. The Al Bastakiya quarter is arguably Dubai’s most seductive neighbourhood, an old stretch of town that continues to commemorate the elegant styles of the past. Enjoying a traditional meal here ensures you’re fully immersed in its charms.