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Dubai Yacht Charter

An exclusive Dubai experience: With a Dubai luxury yacht charter it’s just you and your invited guests on the boat. The cruising route can be customised to take in the attractions you’d like to see, or to maximise the deep-sea fishing. Expect a chic luxurious boat that reflects Dubai’s opulent style, complete with multiple indoor and outdoor living areas. There’s even a barbecue grill for those fish you might be catching, plus an iPod dock so it’s your music that’s playing.

How to get there: Chauffeured transfers can be arranged to transport your group to the marina. This can also include limousine transfers.

Weather and when to go: Private yacht charters are popular all year round, although the shoulder seasons provide the finest climate. September to November and March to May bring warm weather, limited wind, and beautiful lounging beneath the sun.

Activities: Boat cruise, deep-sea fishing, relaxation.

Customise the experience: We have access to an entire fleet of luxury yachts and can customise the vessel dependent on the size and requests of your group. Experienced skippers will offer you a variety of routes and there’s no limit to the length of the charter. You could cruise for two hours around the Palm Jumeirah or spend the full day exploring the Arabian Gulf.

Also consider: Combine a yacht charter with a seaplane charter and an aerial sightseeing journey across the UAE. For more unrivalled luxury, consider the possibilities of an Air Cruise holiday.

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Dubai Yacht Charter
Dubai Yacht Charter