Seafood Getaway at Alto Mar

AED 425

With a location and views of the ocean that will make you feel you are on a relaxed holiday.


There is no secret recipe to why Alto Mar has turned into a discerning spot for a scrumptiously deserving seafood getaway. Serving up the finest and freshest produce, the award-winning Alto Mar is an acclaimed Seafood Restaurant, credited to introduce the city to a supremely handpicked Mediterranean cuisine (with Portuguese influence) in the region.

Overlooking the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, and a stones throw away from the Souq, Alto Mar features a serene and intimate environment with spectacular views of the Arabian Ocean. Walking into the restaurant is like stepping into another realm. The surrounding docks, the fishermen’s nets and the interior of the restaurant could as easily be found in southern Portugal or Spain as here.

Whether you try your palette at the restaurant’s signature dishes such as the cataplana or the seafood rice, or simply comfort yourself in a bevvy of soups and salads, or even opt to feast on the daily catch of fresh fish and Portugese traditional menu, you are certain to rejoice in the delish festivity of what the vast fare options offers, to ensure your time spent would be deserving of each bite.

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