Seawings Lifestyle – Passion for luxury

An exciting addition to the luxury Middle East travel market, Seawings Lifestyle blends unique seaplane luxury travel with the exclusivity of the region’s finest excursions & holiday resorts. Private air transfers take guests to handpicked premium private resorts across the UAE, offering scenic Emirates sightseeing before they touch down on Arabian waters and exotic beaches. It’s an immersive experience that weaves the best of the Middle East into a distinctive package of desert enchantment, coastal escapism, and city splendour. These intimate luxury holidays are fully customisable and handcrafted towards our discerning travellers.

The Seawings Evolution – Seaplanes & Culture

Seaplanes have a long history in the UAE. In the 1930s and 1940s, Dubai’s only airport was found on the Dubai Creek. Luxury “flying boats” would stop here as part of their journey from the UK to the Indian subcontinent. Seawings revived the seaplane in 2007, starting out with one amphibious Cessna 208 aircraft. Since then we’ve carried over 100,000 passengers and now run a fleet of three Cessna seaplanes, all expertly flown by pilots with thousands of hours flying experience. Each of these planes has been fully customised for tourism, ensuring the legacy of those early flying boats can continue in the Middle East.
Every seat has its own personal viewing window, offering clean and uninterrupted vistas over desert, sea, and city. Refreshments are served on board and the air-conditioned cabin has capacity for up to nine passengers, making Seawings Lifestyle a premium choice for luxury family holidays and outings. Furthermore, the seaplane’s speed provides an ideal blend of efficiency and intimacy. Guests travel fast enough to connect any of the UAE’s destinations in less than 70 minutes, yet slow enough to fully savour the aerial wonder.

The Seawings Lifestyle Service Promise

By building on our knowledge and relationships across the Middle East hospitality sector, the Seawings Lifestyle Ambassadors provide an exciting addition to the luxury travel market, one that’s firmly focused on exclusivity and unique travel experiences.